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For some time there have been rumours regarding Jonathan's health, I have been asked by his family to keep this secret but over the holidays they have allowed me to reveal the details and it is with great sadness that I have to reveal that Jonathan has been suffering from an aggressive form of Dementia for the past year.

For me Jonathan is not just an artist I have great admiration for, but also a great personal friend and this past year has been very difficult, witnessing the decline of this fine mind and talent and at the same time having to deflect questions regarding possible return to live performing...obviously there will be no more gigs.

When Jonathan knew things were getting bad he wrote me a lovely note regarding the friendship he felt for me, it is just one side of A5 notepaper but on the back his wife Lexi wrote that it had taken him several hours and 26 attempts, I read it with tears in my eyes and I will treasure it forever.

So where to we go from here? Well that's up to you his supporters and what you would like to happen? I have had several suggestions made to me over the years, such as regular conventions, a possible tribute concert and possibly a covers album, what do you think?

Unfortunately at the same time that Jonathan has been ill I'm also fighting my own battle against a serious health problem and I am unable to organise anything myself, so I wondered if anyone was interested in taking on any of these suggestions? If you do you can use this Facebook site to organise things among yourselves and I will try to oversee things as much as my health will allow. However organising such things will not be easy and will be time consuming so please do not offer and then back out and leave it in the lurch as people have done in the past, have a serious think about it and if such projects do go ahead let's do it right and give Jonathan something he so richly deserves.

Over the past year I also tried to get the BBC Folk Awards to give Jonathan an award, however I was bitterly disappointed to get a negative response. I believe Jonathan's contribution to the music industry and his influence on other musicians means he deserves better.

I am currently rebuilding the JK Website which I hope to get online in the near future. There will be a JK newsletter which will give far more detail than I can via Facebook. PLEASE NOTE. that several people already signed up to the newsletter have email addresses that are no longer working so if you have changed your email in the past couple of years, then please remember to send me your new email address. The JK newsletter is only used for news about Jonathan, I do not distribute or sell on any details, it is purely for JK news, so if you are not already signed up please do so by dropping me an email via the contact page on the JK Website

Kindest Regards


Jonathan's Manager


More than half of the emails addresses for people who have signed up to the JK Newsletter are now bouncing back. If you have not received it, please let me have your current email address ASAP if you wish to continue receiving it.

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