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This new section of the JK site is dedicated to memories of Jonathan. What was it that made Jonathan so special why has he remained in peoples memories all these years. I often get sent wonderful stories about him and the way he treated his fans so I thought I would start this new section where people could share those special memories. If you have any you would like to have featured on this page please contact me.

I remember my first experience of Jonathan. Jonathan was booked to play at one of the Troubadour in Brompton Road's regular Wednesday Night folk sessions in about 1970. I usually attended, but had never before heard of this new phenomenon on the 'folk scene'. He was so good that at the end of the night, Martin Windsor (who was running it, that night) gave him �20 instead of the �15 agreed, as encouragement. You've got to remember that when Bob Dylan asked to do a floor spot there a couple of years earlier, Martin is the guy who famously said "No, we don't like your sort of stuff", so at London's premier folk club Jonathan was considered to be better than Dylan!

At the time, Jonathan lived in Notting Hill and I lived in Great Portland Street, so we walked to the tube together. Jonathan told me about his first album that he'd just recorded "which I may not like because they've put strings on a lot of tracks." We eventually got on a circle line train, and in the few stops before he had to get off, Jonathan stood by the doors and serenaded the entire carriage (consisting mostly of people our age, on their way home from a night out) with songs from his live set, and receiving applause when he had to leave.

Dusty Pulver