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Below is a list of Concerts Jonathan performed before his retirement, this list has been painstakingly compiled by Christophe Simplex over several years, our deepest gratitude goes to him for all his efforts The list is not complete but as near as we can get it, if you can add to the list please contact me.



31-03-68 Dublin (Gresham Hotel) 'Farewell Concert' + Emmet-Spiceland, Paddy Reilly, the Broadsiders & the

Niddy Griddy Band,

01-04-68 Dublin (Liberty Hall) 'Ballad Session' with the Emmet-Spiceland, the Monroes, the Memories,

Sweeneys, Men, the Press Gang, Shay Healy, Denis McGrath, & Israeli Folk Singers

13-07-68 Bishopsgate (Peelers Club) with Stefan Grossman

02-08-68 East Ham (the Central) with Colin Scott & Dennis and Vanessa

08-08-68 London (Black Bull) with the Halliard

04-09-68 London (la Fiesta) + Nigel Barker

05-10-68 London (the Kings Store) + Terry Kidd, Mick & Sue Coughlin, Paul Wright, supporting the Peelers

26-10-68 London (Kings Stores) + Terry Kidd, supporting the Peelers


03-10-69 german TV show 'Music For Young People'

02-04-70 London (Lyceum)

23-07-70 TV show 'Top Of The Pops' on BBC : performs 'Don't You Believe It' as Jonathan Kelly & Friends

(featuring Tim Staffell on guitar & Colin Petersen on drums)

04-10-70 London (Troubadour)

22-10-70 TV show 'Top Of The Pops' on BBC : performs 'Don't You Be Too Long' as Humpy Bong (featuring

Tim Staffell on vocals, Jonathan Kelly on guitar & Colin Petersen on drums)

22-10-70 Hounslow (White Bear)

24-10-70 London (Peanuts)

27-11-70 TV (or radio) show on Disco 2, BBC 2

07-12-70 Catford (Rising Sun) + Dave Cooper, Residents

10-12-70 Hounslow (White Bear)

14-12-70 London (Booze Drop)

13-01-71 London (Holy Ground)

30-01-71 London (Peanuts)

01-02-71 Putney (Half Moon) + Diz Disley, Johnny Silvo, Jeremy Taylor

18-02-71 London (Shakespeare's Head) + Othet Heavy Friends (as 'the best singer songwriter of 1971')

26-02-71 Westfield (College) supporting White Lightnin'

28-02-71 Bounds Green (Folk Club) + Bonded Boots

03-03-71 London (Holy Ground) + Mike Stimpson

29-03-71 Enfield (Hop Poles)

15-04-71 London (Shakespeare's Head) + Pedro & Anna

01-05-71 London (Peelers) + Bonded Boots

10-06-71 London (Shakespeare's Head) + Evensong

30-06-71 London (Holy Ground)

05-07-71 Putney (Half Moon) + Cameron, John McKenzie

15-07-71 London (Shakespeare's Head) with Totem and Dave Cartwight

18-07-71 London (Troubadour)

21-07-71 London (Country Club) supporting David Bowie (DB in duet with Mick Ronson)

31-07-71 Cambridge (Cherry Hilton Hall) Folk Festival

14-08-71 Brentford (Syon Park)

27-08-71 Penge (Folk Plus) + Brixton Bert

03-09-71 London (Marquee) supporting Morgan

15-09-71 London (Lord Raglan)

20-09-71 Enfield (the Hop-Poles)

26-09-71 St-Martin-In-The-Field (Crypt Folk Club) + Dave & Toni Arthur

29-09-71 London (Holy Ground) + Tony Rogers, Mike Stimpson

17-10-71 Battersea (Nags Head)

22-10-71 London (Capricorn) + Touchwood

23-10-71 London (Peelers) + Frogmorton

28-10-71 London (Shakespeare's Head) + Isaac Guillory

29-10-71 Putney (Half Moon) + the Light Of Dawn

30-10-71 Egham (Shoreditch College) with Ricotti & Albuquerque, supporting America

31-10-71 London (the Shaw Theatre) supporting the Strawbs

07-11-71 London (Bounds Green) + Alan Gore

12-11-71 Aldermaston (Kennet Folk Club)

15-11-71 Putney (Half Moon)

22-11-71 Watford (Town Hall) WITH Loudon Wainwright III, supporting Jack Bruce Band

26-11-71 Stortford (Rovers Folk Club)

07-12-71 Chatham (Medway Folk Centre)

13-12-71 London (Tabby's Folk) + Corrida, Woolgar

15-12-71 High Wycombe (Town Hall) with Gordon Giltrap, C.O.B.

16-12-71 London (Marquee) supporting Morgan

08-01-72 London (Troubadour)

13-01-72 Brighton (Dome) supporting the Strawbs (unsure... to be confirmed !!!)

21-01-72 High Wycombe (Town Hall) supporting the Strawbs

26-01-72 King's Lynn (Technical College) supporting the Strawbs

28-01-72 Cambridge (Homerton College) supporting the Strawbs

30-01-72 Croydon (Fairfield Hall) supporting the Strawbs

02-02-72 Harlow (Civic Centre) supporting the Strawbs

03-02-72 Aberystwyth (University) supporting the Strawbs

04-02-72 Liverpool (St. Georges's Hall) supporting the Strawbs

06-02-72 Southend (Pavilion) supporting the Strawbs

11-02-72 Southport (Floral Hall) supporting the Strawbs

12-02-72 Manchester (Free Trade Hall) supporting the Strawbs

13-02-72 Barnsley (Civic Hall) supporting the Strawbs

14-02-72 London (Royal Festival Hall) supporting the Strawbs

15-02-72 Birmingham (Town Hall) supporting the Strawbs

19-02-72 Weston-sup er-Mare (Winter Gardens) supporting the Strawbs

20-02-72 Darlington (Civic Hall) supporting the Strawbs

21-02-72 Bristol (Colston Hall) supporting the Strawbs

22-02-72 Southampton (Guildhall) supporting the Strawbs

23-02-72 Norwich (St. Andrew's Hall) supporting the Strawbs

24-02-72 Newcastle (City Hall) supporting the Strawbs

25-02-72 Hull (City Hall) supporting the Strawbs

26-02-72 London (University College) supporting the Strawbs

27-02-72 Swindon (Wyvern) supporting the Strawbs

29-02-72 Oxford (Town Hall) supporting the Strawbs

03-03-72 Luton (Tech.) with Bell & Arc, supporting the Strawbs

04-03-72 London (North East Polytechnic) supporting the Strawbs (unsure... to be confirmed)

05-03-72 Alcaster (Gentle Folk)

09-03-72 Dublin (Trinity College) supporting the Strawbs (unsure... to be confirmed)

10-03-72 Derry (Maqee College) supporting the Strawbs (unsure... to be confirmed)

11-03-72 Coleraine (New University of Ulster) supporting the Strawbs (unsure... to be confirmed)

12-03-72 London (Springfield Park Tavern) + Bitter Thorn

16-03-72 London (Shakespeare's Head)

17-03-72 Tamworth (College) + Al Matthews

26-03-72 Chalk Farm (Implosion Roundhouse) with East Odf Eden, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Stackridge

& Mick Greenwood

30-03-72 Slough (Freedom Folk Club) + Paddy Clerkin

11-04-72 TV show 'The Old Grey Whistle Test' on BBC-2, with Vinegar Joe

15-04-72 London (Peelers) + Frogmorton

25-04-72 Bentley (Comrades Club) with Planxty

26-04-72 Chiswick (Polytechnic) w Windfall

28-04-72 London (School of Economics) with Sandy Denny, Plainsong, Third Ear Band, Houseshakers, Camel,

Diz Disley, Colin Scott & Keith Christmas

01-05-72 radio show 'Sound of the Seventies' on Radio 1, with the Strawbs  LONDON ROUNDHOUSE

02-05-72 London (Chalk Farm Roundhouse) 'Camden Festival' supporting Fairport Convention & Quiver

05-05-72 Bickershaw Festival with Stackridge, Dr. John, Hawkwind, Wishbone Ash

09-05-72 Watford (Town Hall) supporting the Kinks

20-05-72 Dunstable (College)

29-05-72 Lincoln Festival with Boys Of The Lough, Al Matthew, Colin Scott, Johnny Silvo (folk tent), Jackson

Heights, Vinegar Joe, Status Quo, Don McLean, Humble Pie, Sha Na Na, Joe Cocker (main stage)

30-05-72 Chatham (Old Ash Tree)

04-06-72 London (Bounds Green, Springfield Tavern) + Alan Gore

08-06-72 London (Shakespeare's Head) + Fiona Stuart, Christie Hennessy

10-06-72 radio show 'In Concert' on Radio 1

13-06-72 Chatham (Old Ash Tree)

30-06-72 High Wycombe (Royal Grammar School) supporting David Bowie

09-07-72 Brighton (Brighton & Hove Grammar School)

11-07-72 Walsall (Queen Mary's School)

16-07-72 Derby (Pennine Hotel) + Group 3

20-07-72 radio show 'Sound of the Seventies' on Radio 1

22-07-72 London (Bedford College) with Planxty, Peelers

23-07-72 Hull (University)

30-07-72 Norwich (East Anglia University) + Natural Acoustic Band

05-08-72 Aylesbury (Friars) supporting Roxy Music

10-08-72 London (the Stag)

12-08-72 Reading '11th National Festival' with the Faces, Electric Light Orchestra, Focus, If, Linda Lewis, Man,

Johnny Otis Show (Solid Gold Cadillac cancelled)

19-08-72 Dunstable (Civic Hall) supporting the Strawbs

24-08-72 radio show 'Sound of the Seventies' on BBC, with Jake Takary & Fat Grapple

26 & 27-08-72 Chelmsford (Essex Agricultural Showground) 'Bank Holiday Festival' with Strawbs, Steeleye

Span, Al Stewart, Sandy Denny, Gallagher & Lyle, Watersons, Stefan Grossman, Harvey Andrews, Jo

  • Ann Kelly's Spare Rib, Mike Cooper & Machine Gun Co., Magic Carpet, Bridget St. John, Gary Farr, Steve Benbow, Adge Cutler & the Wurzels, Matt McGinn, Pigsty Hill, Light Orchestra, John Pearse, Brownsville Banned, Bic Jones, Bob Davenport & the Rakes, Claire Hamill, Dave Cartwright, Hocket, Tight Like That, Pisces, Hunter Muskett, Margaret Barry, Frogmorton, Dave Calderhead & Friends, Urban Clearway, Eranga & Pryangar, Ken Wells, Niti Das Gupta & Group, Madu Patel, Miss Surya Kumari
  • 28-08-72 London Stratford (Theatre Royal) + Thirsty Two, Factory, Dock Yard, Gwenyway, Jonathan Bladen &
  • Hill and Friends

    05-09-72 Kew Bridge (Kudos Boathouse) + Jaki Whitren

    26-09-72 Watford (Boys Grammar School)

    30-09-72 Brighton (College of Education)

    07-10-72 Southampton (University) with Mott The Hoople, Brinsley Schwarz & Gasworks

    09-10-72 London (Queen Elizabeth Hall) with JSD Band & Claire Hamill

    12-10-72 Ewell (Technical College) w Gryphon/Flintlock

    13-10-72 Coventry (College Of Education)

    18-10-72 Hampstead (Westfield College)

    20-10-72 Birmingham (University)

    21-10-72 Aylesbury (Friars) + Capability Brown

    26-10-72 Leicester (Polytechnic)

    27-10-72 Chiswick (Polytechnic) + Hunter Muskett, Dave & Chris

    28-10-72 Sheffield (University)

    01-11-72 Leicester (College of Education)

    02-11-72 Stoke-on-Trent (Alsager College)

    03-11-72 Harrow (Technical College) with Mike Absalom

    05-11-72 Lincoln (Theatre Royal)

    13-11-72 radio show on Radio 1

    16-11-72 radio show on Radio 1

    14-12-72 High Wycombe (the Chiltern Rooms)

    03-05-73 Dunstable (Civic Hall) + Joan Armatrading, Riff Raff

    04-05-73 Guildford (Civic Hall) + Joan Armatrading, Riff Raff

    05-05-73 Norwich (University) + Joan Armatrading, Riff Raff

    07-05-73 Southampton (Guildhall) + Joan Armatrading, Riff Raff

    08-05-73 TV show - Old Grey Whistle Test (BBC-2 TV)

    09-05-73 Birmingham (Town Hall) + Joan Armatrading, Riff Raff

    10-05-73 Chatham (Central Hall) + Joan Armatrading, Riff Raff

    13-05-73 London (Roundhouse Chalk Farm) + Joan Armatrading, Riff Raff

    15-05-73 Bristol (Colston Hall) + Joan Armatrading, Riff Raff

    16-05-73 Liverpool (St. George Hall) + Joan Armatrading, Riff Raff

    17-05-73 Sheffield (University) + Joan Armatrading, Riff Raff

    19-05-73 Leeds (Victoria Hall) + Joan Armatrading, Riff Raff

    20-05-73 Barnsley (Civic Hall) + Joan Armatrading, Riff Raff

    21-05-73 Darlington (Civic Theatre) + Joan Armatrading, Riff Raff

    25-05-73 Hull (City Hall) + Joan Armatrading, Riff Raff

    26-05-73 Newcastle (City Hall) + Joan Armatrading, Riff Raff

    28-07-73 Cheltenham (Athletic Ground) with Sutherland Brothers & Quiver, Bronco, Fusion Orchestra, Deke

    Leonard's Iceberg, Fat Grapple

    29-07-73 London (Roundhouse Chalk Farm) with Jack the Lad & Dick Witment, Andy Bown, Bill Barclay,

    Lucas & McCulloch, A Million People

    31-08-73 London (Lyceum) with Pink Fairies, + James Hogg Band

    29-09-73 Aylesbury (Friars) + Gryphon

    23-10-73 High Wycombe (Town Hall)

    25-10-73 Gloucester (Town Hall)

    26-10-73 Egham (Royal Holloway College)

    28-10-73 Porsmouth (Centre Hotel) => NB : first date with Trevor Williams (bass)

    01-11-73 Cleethorpes (Winter Garden) (TW) or Grimsby (Central Hall)

    02-11-73 Scarborough (Penthouse)

    04-11-73 Hull (Centre Hotel)

    05-1173 Sheffield (Radio Sheffield)

    07-11-73 Sheffield (Polytechnic)

    08-11-73 Liverpool (Mountford Hall)

    13-11-73 Belfast (Queen's University)

    14-11-73 Belfast (Queen's University)

    15-11-73 Dublin

    16-11-73 Dublin

    17-11-73 TV Show - Gay Byrne Show (Ireland TV)

    23-11-73 Cardiff (University) + Tir Na Nog

    24-11-73 Leicester + Duncan Brown, Claire Hammill

    07-12-73 London (Polytechnic) + Ace, Zoe (as Jonathan Kelly's Outside)

    14-12-73 High Wycombe (Town Hall)

    16-12-73 Liverpool (Centre Hotel)


    26-01-74 Welwyn Garden (City) with Tim Hardin

    29-01-74 Watford (Town Hall) + Bitter Harvest

    31-01-74 London (Marquee)

    03-02-74 Croydon (Greyhound)

    15-02-74 Tottenham (White Hart) + Savan

    20-02-74 Doncaster (Comrade's Club)

    22-02-74 Sheffield (University) with Suzi Quatro, Bert Weedon, Snafu & Wild Angels

    02-03-74 Brighton (College)

    08-03-74 Belfast

    09-03-74 Port Rush

    10-03-74 Belfast

    11-03-74 Dublin

    12-03-74 Dublin

    21-03-74 Reading (Town Hall) + John Rodgers

    29-03-74 Slough (Community Centre) 'Radio 1 Live in Concert' + Tim Staffell (NB : last date with Trevor Williams)

    03-04-74 London (Hope & Anchor)

    10-04-74 London (Hope & Anchor)

    14-04-74 Chelmsford (Chancellor Hall) supporting SNAFU

    17-04-74 London (Hope & Anchor)

    24-04-74 London (Hope & Anchor)

    26-04-74 London (Rainbow) supporting JSD Band + Bill Barclay, Harvey Andrews & Graham Cooper

    15-05-74 Manchester (University)

    24-05-74 London (Bibas)

    29-05-74 London (Goldsmith's College)

    31-05-74 High Wycombe (Chiltern Rooms)

    02-06-74 Brixton (Prison)

    07-06-74 Scarborough (Penthouse)

    08-06-74 Newcastle (University)

    09-06-74 Oxford (University)

    14-06-74 Luton (College of Education)

    16-06-74 London (the Greyhound)

    21-06-74 Edinburgh (Heriot-Watt University)

    24-06-74 Edmonton (Cooks Ferry In)

    28-06-74 Birmingham (Barbarella's)

    04-07-74 London (Marquee)

    10-07-74 Aylesbury (Friars) + the Superlative Starry Eyes & Laughing

    11-07-74 High Wycombe (Nags Head)

    19-07-74 London (Biba)

    20-07-74 London (Biba)

    24-07-74 London (Lyceum) + AJ Webber, supporting Greenslade

    04-08-74 South Harrow (Tithe Farm House)

    05-08-74 London (Newlands)

    09-08-74 Leytonstone (Red Lion)

    10-08-74 Aylesbury (Friars)

    12-08-74 Sutton-in-Ashfield (Golden Diamond)

    14-08-74 Farnborough (Burlesque Supper Club)

    17-08-74 Guildford (Bottleneck Club)

    18-08-74 Portsmouth (Centre Folk Club)

    20-08-74 London (100 Club) + Mike Cooper

    21-08-74 London (Hope & Anchor) => as part of the London Festival of Real Music

    23-08-74 Sutton-in-Ashfield (Golden Diamond)

    01-09-74 London 'Swiss Cottage Open-Air Rock Festival' with Tim Hardin, String Driven Thing, Global

    Village, Trucking Company, Byzantium

    05-09-74 London (the Greyhound)

    11-09-74 Langley Bucks (Merry Makers)

    12-09-74 London (Marquee)

    13-09-74 London (Dingwall's)

    17-09-74 London (Marquee) or (100 Club) + Raymond Tissier and the Debonaires

    21-09-74-London (Young Vic) with Octuin, Maggie Nichols & Contradicto, Kokomo

    26-09-74 London (Marquee)

    03-10-74 London (Torrington)

    06-10-74 London (Marquee)

    10-10-74 High Wycombe (the Nags Head)

    13-10-74 London (Roundhouse) with Country Joe McDonald, Ducks Deluxe

    24-10-74 London (City University) with String Driven Thing

    31-10-74 London (Greyhound)

    03-11-74 London (Marquee)

    08-11-74 Stratford (North East Polytchnic) + Palm Beach Express

    12-11-74 London (Newlands)

    15-11-74 Scarborough (the Penthouse)

    11-12-74 London (Marquee)

    15-12-74 London (Torrington)

    26-01-75 London (Bounds Green) + Nigel Weston

    01-02-75 Aylesbury (Friars) supporting Jack The Lad

    06-02-75 High Wycombe (Nags Head)

    07-02-75 London (Dingwalls)

    15-02-75 Coleraine (University)

    06-03-75 London (Shakespeare's Head) + Burke & McGillvray, Fraser Nimmo

    21-03-75 Crewe (Civic Theatre) + Kieran White

    23-03-75 Alcester (Cherry Tree Motel) + Kieran White

    27-03-75 Chatham (Central Hall) + Kieran White

    28-03-75 Cambridge (Corn Exchange) + Kieran White

    06-04-75 Derby (Playhouse) + Kieran White

    07-04-75 Liverpool (St. George's) + Kieran White

    08-04-75 Manchester (Lesser Free Trade Hall) + Kieran White

    09-04-75 Doncaster (Comrades Club) + Kieran White

    11-04-75 Newcastle (Polytechnic) + Kieran White

    13-04-75 London (New London Theatre) + Kieran White

    16-04-75 Bristol (Victoria Room) + Kieran White

    17-04-75 Cheltenham (Pavilion) + Kieran White

    18-04-75 Twickenham (St. Mary's) + Kieran White

    20-04-75 Birmingham (Rep Theatre) + Kieran White

    23-04-75 Corby (Civic Hall) + Kieran White

    24-04-75 Norwich (St. Andrew's Hall) + Kieran White

    25-04-75 Leeds (Polytechnic) + Kieran White

    27-04-75 Lincoln (Theatre Royal) + Kieran White

    01-05-75 High Wycombe (Nags Head)

    18-10-75 London (Imperial College) supporting Horslips

    25-10-75 Aylesbury ( Vale Hall) supporting Andy Fairweather-Low

    06-11-75 London (Shakespeare's Head) + Dana Simmons

    02-12-75 Uxbridge (Brunel University)

    04-12-75 Sheffield (Crucible Theatre) supporting Thin Lizzy

    21-12-75 London (Torrington) with A Band Called '0'+ Christmas Cracker

    30-01-76 Birmingham (Repertory)

    24-04-76 Norwich (St. Andrews Hall)

    25-04-76 Leeds (Polytechnic)

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