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Archive Photographs

Below are a selection of rare photographs from the Jonathan Kelly archives which we hope you will enjoy

Jon Cricket Photo Reverse 203
Jon Cricket Photo202

Jonathan in the cricket nets at school, on the back he has written, “Well as for me I’m off to get famous, if you ever get a cap I’ll drop into the bar and buy you a drink & if I ever get to the London Palladium you can come back stage and buy me a few drinks” 11/05/65. It also features the autograph of Pat Casey the famous Irish Rugby Player. Reproduced by kind permission of Richard Malone


Two Early school photographs

Jonathan excelled at sports and was particularly good at rugby until he sustained an injury to his arm from which he still suffers today. He was also Captain of the Junior cup Cricket team, he says “ I was a terrible big headed erratic bowler and a competent bowler” Top photo Jonathan is far right at the front & on the one below he is Center Front.

JK_early_Band JK_early_Band2

Jonathan is proficient on several instruments and played in several bands while at school often playing drums as he is in three of the above photos


Here is a colour photo of a teenage Jonathan with some friends in Dublin, Does anyone know who they are?


A Rare early Colour photo of Jonathan performing on stage in Ireland


Jonathan (left) with his friend Eddie Dukes

Jonathan (right) with his friend Eddie Dukes at Butlins


Jonathan on drums with his friend Eddie Dukes in an early promotional photo, Eddie informs me it was lit behind by using a motorbike headlight!


A True Rock & Roll Rebel


A publicity shot from the start of his career in Ireland

Another early publicity shot

Young Jonathan at a party...Too much Guinness perhaps Napoleon?


Jonathan at an Early gig circa 1967

nme cover03

1969 NME cover

JK record Collector02

Record Collector article

Early Jonathan Kelly publicity shot with Colin Petersen

Early JK publicity shot used for NME cover


Another early appearance from Jon, he's the one top middle.


Jonathan on the right in his first band the "Saracens" with Eddie Armstrong, Ivan Hill & Ian?

Early Publicity Shot3

Early Jonathan Ledingham publicity shot

Bitter end shot02
Bitter end shot2

Jonathan outside the famous Bitter End venue in New York 1967 Jonathan points to his own name which he scratched in

Early Publicity Shot For Single1
Early Publicity Shot For Single2

Two photos from a photo shoot for a cover photo for the single “She’s Got Me”

John With Gun EARLY

Young Jonathan with toy gun

jon composing
jon reading
John With Pike

Jonathan was a keen fisherman here seen with a Pike he caught

jon with a cuppa

“Come & have a cuppa” from an early Jon Ledingham Photo Shoot

The two photos above and the one on the right where taken at a house Jonathan shared with Donal Lunny and Peter Adler (Larry’s son) & a host of kittens!

Jon Shopping publicity shot

Early publicity shot

New Image702

Humpy Bong promotional photo. from left, Colin Petersen, Jonathan & Tim Staffell

Young Jon walking

Taken form an early Jon Ledingham photo shoot

New Image

Jonathan’s original hand written lyrics for the song “I’ll never find another love” from his notebook

New Image102

Press Clipping 1972 showing Jonathan in the Old Grey Whistle Test Studio, the Video footage was wiped by the BBC

Outside Photo

Trevor Williams (Bass), Dave Sheen (drums & Mentor)  Jonathan & Snowy White (Lead Guitar)

Outside Photo2
Outside Photo Contact Sheet shot1
Outside Photo Contact Sheet shot2
Outside Photo Contact Sheet shot4

Jonathan, Dave Sheen, Tim Staffell, Darryl Le Que, Kuma Harada & Snowy White from an “OUTSIDE” photo shoot (Previously unpublished)


Jonathan & a lady friend who helped him get to the US name unknown

Jon With Girl

Taken at the Shoulder Of Mutton in Derbyshire with Unknown lady who was Dancer there

John Family Unknown

Jonathan’s Parents George & Jane Ledingham with his sister Jennifer


Jonathan with his manager Colin Petersen at Jonathan’s flat in London circa 1971


Publicity photo 1970

Chas Jankel, Trevor William’s, Dave Sheen & Jonathan around the time of “Wait Till They Change The Backdrop”

John Cafe a Go Go

Jonathan outside the famous Cafe a Go Go New York

jon & manager

Jonathan with his manager Tom Costello in Dublin circa 1966


Taken at a club in Boston USA with Jonathan’s lady friend (unknown) and a local Bass Player


Cony Hall of where Jonathan says “The Happiest Place I Ever Lived”


Jonathan Arrives in London, Publicity photo 1969

The shots below come from a shoot as part of an article for an Irish Music magazine in 1972 all these photos were kindly submitted by Dick Derwent who took them, my deepest gratitude goes to him for his kindness in letting me have copies of these photos

JK_Derwent_shot1 JK_portrait1972 JK_portrait1972B
JK_Derwent_shot7 JK_Derwent_shot8

These photos below were also taken by Dick Derwent during Jonathan Kelly's Outside concert at the London Roundhouse in 1975

JK_roundhouse_Tranny1 JK_roundhouse_Tranny2
JK_roundhouse_Tranny3 JK_roundhouse_Tranny4

Publicity shot from the “Wait Till They Change The Backdrop” period

OUTSIDE Publicity shot

Below are some pieces of memorabilia kindly sent to me by Tim Booth of that great late 60's early 70's band Dr. Strangely Strange. I was once discussing my favourite bands with Jonathan when I mentioned Dr. Strangely Strange and he informed me that he knew them and that they were fellow countrymen and friends, I managed to track down Tim Booth who was kind enough to supply me with the images below.


This photo was taken at a concert at the Hollow in Phoenix Park, about 1976 and features the short lived band called "Instant Whip" this band Tim informs me featured Tim Booth (guitar and vocals) Ed Deane (guitar), and Steve Bullock (Bass, flute and sax) and a lad called Jonathan Ledingham (drums and vocals) Jonathan can be just seen peeking from behind the speaker stack on the far left hand side.


Here is another photo from the same concert, Jonathan has his back to the camera playing drums

JK_Roundhouse_neg14 JK_Roundhouse_neg_8

The photos above were taken by Paul McNamara at the London Roundhouse in 1974 during the "Wait Till They Change The Backdrop" tour, Thank you Paul.

outside1fan outside2fan

These photos (Above) of Jonathan with Outside were taken at a gig at High Melton just outside Doncaster (No pun intended) in 1975 Courtesy of Tim J.

Below are some photographs which have been very kindly loaned to the site by Dave Lister, & Jane Phillips do you know the other people on these photos? are you on them? if so drop me a line. Also if you have any similar photos then please let me know! They were taken at the Centre Hotel on 4th November 1974


From Left Dave Lister, Dave Jefferson and Jane Phillips


Dave Lister and Jonathan


Dave Lister Dave Jefferson Jane? and Outside, Jonathan just manages to get on the shot


Jonathan & unknown Person at the Centre Hotel 4/11/1974

Opposite right, Jonathan onstage at Liverpool Folk Festival 27th April 1974

Jon_on_stage3 Jon_on_stage2

Rare Photographs of Outside Onstage Circa 1975

Where possible I have credited the the Photographers involved, however it has been impossible to discover all the photographers who where involved in the photographs featured on this site. It is not my intention to infringe anyone’s copyright and if your work is featured on this site please contact me and I will either add you a credit or remove the photograph if you should wish me to.

In 2004 Jonathan contacted Gerald to ask him to be at the Rockingham Arms folk club on Friday 9th January 2004 but not to tell anybody else, he would not elaborate further. Gerald did as asked and to his surprise Jonathan got up on stage on a singers night and performed as Jonathan Kelly in public for the first time in nearly 30 years. Below is a selection of photos from that memorable occasion


From Left Steve Womack, Jonathan & Gerald after the concert

Not long after this memorable return Gerald’s mother was diagnosed with advanced stomach cancer due to the skill of the theater staff at the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield she pulled through and Gerald organised a charity concert to help raise funds for research into cancer treatment at the hospital. As Jonathan showed no interest in returning to the stage Gerald approached Steve Womack who agreed to headline the concert but could not confirm for definite. Gerald Approached Jonathan to ask if he would be willing to appear if it was unannounced, to Gerald’s total amazement and surprise, Jonathan not only agreed to be named but also offered to headline the concert. The interest was amazing, Bob Chiswick offered his services plus his folk club venue at Sprotborough near Doncaster, Chris Eusden an old friend of Jonathan’s asked if he could act as support, tickets sold out in just a few days as word got around. One fan who arrived late without a ticket offered £1000 to anybody who would sell him one. Below is a selection of photos from this memorable concert and the start of a new phase in Jonathan’s career and a special friendship with Gerald


Jonathan wondering what he has got himself into


Jonathan’s wife & friends relax before the gig


Jonathan Trying to practice ‘GODAS’ which a fan has requested


Chris Eusden who Old friend of Jonathan’s who provided a great warm up act

Greg16 Gregs_Mate1

Greg Ledingham (Jonathan’s son) & friend two Great Guitarists who also provided wonderful support for Jonathan

JKcharityConcert_021 JKcharityConcert_017

Bob Chiswick, CO organiser, Compare and support act

Jon4 Jon42 Jon101

The Star attraction Jonathan Kelly onstage

Jon_piano5 Gerald___Jon_Piano

After the concert Jonathan discovered a piano in the corner and decided to perform a few songs for those still remaining including Gerald seen here with him.

Jonathan with his close friend Dave Stringer

Gerald_fans1 Jon_fans1
Jon_jeff_pat1 Jonathan_autograph1

As you can see not only was the event a great success but it was like one big party and that’s how Jonathan’s gigs have remained like a family get together so why don’t you come and join sometime? I guarantee you’ll feel welcome and amongst friends!

Below are two photographs taken at the Famous Bay Horse Folk Club at Bentley Doncaster circa 1971/72 which were sent to me by Colin Hirst. This was the club were Jonathan & I met met for the first time. The pink poster on the wall is for Chris Eusden. Chris was support Jonathan at the Charity concert. This poster now hangs on my wall. I took it as a momento when the club closed

Jonathan Bay Horse02
John Carey Group Bay Horse02

John Carey Group featuring Colin Hirst

JK Young

A very rare photo of a young Jonathan, circa 1968 performing at Liberty Hall in Dublin in the late sixties before he changed his name to Kelly & moved to the UK. The photo was taken and very kindly sent to me by Ana Malone.

JK 1

One of Jonathan’s tapes held in the SONY Archives that was loaned to me. This tape contains several versions of Jonathan’s single ‘Let The People Stay’ and it’s B Side ‘Mother Moon’

Gerald Sables is a fully qualified professional photographer and lecturer if you would like to see more of his photographs of Jonathan onstage visit the “CONCERT PHOTO” section of this site. For other examples of Gerald’s work visit his site at www.gerald-sables-photo.co.uk


Jonathan Kelly cartoon by courtesy of Rosy Greaves of Frazzled Cat Productions


This site is the copyright of Gerald Sables and nothing may be used or copied in whole or part without permission


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